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bruised and broken

i didnt want to go home yet. My matchbox and cigarettes make good driving companions in the dead of the night. It would probably take a few rounds to make a mile driving in my block, but that was adventure for me at the time. it became boring so i was heading towards k high by taking my old walking route which was through los molinos. Red means stop, and so i am. Green means go, and then i went. Driving less than about 10mph, i decide to call mike e to add a piano melody to one of our songs. That phone call saved my life. sure enough, red meant go for someone else driving about 60 mph. I didnt even have to break hard; it was like stopping to ask someone for driving directions. I felt like i was in bullet time for a few seconds. He didnt even seem to hiccup once or even flinch. I stayed right in the middle of the intersection for about another 3 or 4 seconds. Green means go. If i probably went any faster, this journal entry wouldnt have existed.
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